5 things that happened in december 2019

5 Things That Happened Last Month.

1st January 2020crelgey

I’ll admit, I was unsure whether to carry these monthly round up’s on into the new year, but I do actually like writing them. They become quite reflective. Sometimes when I feel I’ve had a quiet month and haven’t achieved anything, writing these makes me realise otherwise, as regardless or how little I’ve done, I still have my friends and family and they are, what matters most to me.

Now December was always going to be a crazy month, it’ll never be any different as it’s my favourite time of the year. Since putting the decorations up, just waking up on a morning and making a cup of tea in my Christmas cup has put a smile on my face.

Here’s what else happened last month.


  1. The month began with our decorations going up. Of course. Also within the first week was a late-night shopping trip to York with some ladies for essentials from Asda and Primark – which of course involved a Costa. And the eldest had his school Christmas play – this year he played a shepherd.

  2. It wouldn’t be Christmas without mentioning food. Having a festive afternoon tea seems to have become a yearly requirement and I am definitely on board with that tradition. A friend and I headed to the amazing Filey Bistro, as there’s really nothing like it. Being around my birthday we also classed it as a birthday celebration. My birthday was a quiet one, the day being spent with my family. But I enjoyed a few birthday celebrations with friends throughout the month and was truly spoilt by cards and gifts from them.

  3. The eldest enjoyed the festive period with a number of Christmas parties. One at school before they broke up and another with his football club. I’m so glad to have signed him up to a local club. They really are brilliant. Plus all the coaches and other personnel are volunteers and it’s amazing to see people take on these roles for the good of children and grassroots football.

  4. Christmas as well as being about social events and food, it’s more about family. We’ve had a great couple of weeks at home with each other. We’ve also enjoyed spending time with other family members, with visits from my uncle and also my godmother. Christmas itself we had my auntie from Gretna join us as normal. It wouldn’t be Christmas without her.

  5. Lastly, it wouldn’t be Christmas without seeing Santa. We haven’t done our normal visits to Santa this year. Although the eldest would appreciate it, I thought it would be lost on the youngest, especially for the cost of the places. So this year we stayed local and visited Santa at our local garden centre for the first time. It was a lovely experience and I’m glad we chose to stay local this year, as the youngest is not a Santa lover. Yet.


So that was December. All there is left to say is Happy New Year.

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  • Jennie

    1st January 2020 at 3:50 pm

    I like reading posts like this, your December sounds fab! I used to write a weekly summary post on my blog but always felt guilty when I didn’t have time. Perhaps I should copy you and write a monthly, slightly less time consuming 🙂 Keep them coming in 2020.

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