5 Things That Happened Last Month.

5th February 2020crelgey

It’s finally over. We made it through January.


  1. The New Year may be brought in by 12 am bells and fireworks, but really, for us villagers, it begins with the New Years day tug-of-war across our river. So doming our warmest attire and wellies, we joined our fellow villagers on the banks of the river. I won’t go into detail, as our side lost again, but after a trip to the pub for a first drink of the New Year and decade, all was well again.

  2. Then came the back to school feels. We may have only had two weeks of school for Christmas and to be honest, it was the just-right amount if time, but if anything, I’m just good for a routine. No matter how many presents/toys we get, there comes a time when they just need to see their friends and run around a playground. It helps that my eldest loves school also.

  3. As soon as school started so did all the toddler groups and messages organising play dates with friends. I’m trying to be more consistent with going to groups with the youngest, with him napping on a morning not long after the school run and then after lunch not having much time before heading out for the pick-up school run, we’ve got a little complacent at home. Which isn’t bad, as we do plenty, but we’re heading towards him being two and starting pre-school, so the socialising is good.

  4. The first week of the new year saw me start a one evening a week course through my local adult learning centre. Although I’m currently out of work, deciding to stay at home for the first three years with the youngest, going back to work isn’t ever far from my thoughts. Though I love being at home, it does have it’s negatives. It’s definitely not something anything could take on. But I found a course that fits in with my current situation and ability to have childcare and decided to take it. I thought it would work well alongside my working in school certificate I gained and helped to get a job. The course is only twelve weeks long and although it’s tough, I’m loving it.

  5. Not really a situation that happened this month, but general clarity I guess. Towards the end of December, as I’m sure many people do, I began spending time looking to the year/new decade ahead and what I wanted from it,/what it may bring. However, and more importantly, I believe, I also spent some time looking at the last few years and what I’ve learned, about myself. Every day is a hurdle, but one worth getting over.


Here’s to 2020.

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  • Louise

    9th February 2020 at 10:23 pm

    Learning something new is never wasted and what a great way to start the new year. We must sort out our play date xx

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