My Wall Art Mantra For 2020 With Photowall.

11th March 2020

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It’s so easy to fall into a groundhog day kind of situation with life. Well, that’s the way I feel from time to time, especially being a mum and a stay home one at that.

I’ve written before about my feelings on being a stay home mum and how I get through the days and I can’t deny that although being home has its positives, it has also resulted in personal feelings of being lost. Lost in a sense of who I am.

My life resolves 100% around my children and having minimal disposable income it leaves little opportunity for me to live my life. As Caroline, not mummy.


Wall Art Mantra.

I haven’t spoken much about any ‘New Year’ resolutions or goals, not through a fear of failing, but just that I haven’t found a different way of writing them, then in list form. Then I was approached by Photowall and here we are.

This year, I promised myself two, very contradicting things;

  1. To say yes to more social activities and be present in the human world, with people I enjoy spending time with.
  2. and to savour the quiet time. Time to recharge without the draws of technology. Time to myself.


fika wall art

Currently redecorating our dining room, I decided I wanted some wall art that reflected not just my minimal vision, but that of my new life mantra.

Having a Swedish heritage and a love of Hygge, I was immediately drawn to this FIKA print from Photowall. Fika is a word I actually have as part of my phone’s wallpaper. It is defined as ‘to have coffee’. Another word that encapsulates the Scandinavian way of life. Though not a coffee drinker myself, I totally appreciate the sentiment and what it stands for.

With a choice to purchase the print as a; canvas, hanging poster or framed I decided to go with framed since my other two prints were already framed the same and since this being slightly larger and how I wanted it placed, it would look good.

fika wall art and caroline elgey-white

And I couldn’t be happier. It’s perfectly placed in the dining room alongside the other two prints. I just love the simplicity of it. (Even though I’ve had to explain to people what it means!) The frame surrounding the print is very well made and sturdy and in regards to postage, it was packaged adequately and safely as to not break and arrived in a more than reasonable time frame.

Photowall has an amazing selection of prints and wallpapers.


With Fika in mind, I’m off to go and make myself a coffee (tea) and enjoy some quiet time.


Photowall are offering you guys 25% discount on your purchase, using code: carolineelgeywhite This offer is valid from March 11 to April 11 2020.


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