Life-Changing Thoughts Right Now.

29th April 2020

Life-changing thoughts.

It’s such a chilling word in a sense. Lockdown. It sounds quite apocalyptic and legal. A type of house arrest. But worse. Being unable to enjoy the outside world for all it is and see those we love.

I’d be lying if I said that I’ve been fully enjoying and embracing this somewhat forced time at home. The first week of lockdown was a tough one for me personally. Though I’m a housewife/homemaker/stay at home mum, the prospect and then the realisation that we were expected to live and survive purely within our four walls, even though it was to be our safe place, filled me with a sense of dread and anxiety. This on top of constant news updates, whats-app conversations on the topic and speculation began to get all too much. Recognising this and the effect it was all having on my mental health I made some changes; I stepped away from social media, stopped reading and replying to certain whats-app messages and reading/watching news, deciding to instead, when I felt fit to, ‘drip-feed’ myself information.

This really allowed me to free my mind and some life-changes thoughts followed.

What I wanted to share was a few positive and evolving aspects of being under this forced lockdown. As it has really allowed me the opportunity to look at myself, my life and my surroundings in new ways. Having certain ‘rights’ and abilities removed, such as; socialising, visiting shops and places, for example, allowed for a few things to really dawn on me.



I love feeling good about myself as much as the next person. However, this time without certain ‘comforts’ such as getting my hair done, eyebrows tinted and shopping for all the latest clothes and trends, I guess I’ve become a bit less influenced by it all. Instead questioning why I ‘need’ such things. I guess in a sense it’s stripping me back and making me, in a roundabout way, love myself for me again.

It’s easily done, getting swept up trying to look perfect and ultimately like everyone else, that you lose a little of what makes you you and an individual. Not a copy. Learning this about myself is also helping me appreciate others. How others look and dress can be amazing, but I can also accept that I don’t have to have and look the same.


Be More Present.

I am definitely guilty of being someone who is always thinking of the next thing. I’m a planner, an organiser. It makes me happy. However, the negative aspect to this trait is that I can be absent from the present and the things happening now.

Always one to comment on how quickly children grow and develop, but the reality being that I am also guilty of not fully living in that precious time with them. This can also include the impact of technology and the likes of mobile phones and social media, which is very distracting.

We, along with many others around the country and world, are in a situation right now that we may never be in again; our full family being home all at the same time for longer than twenty-four hours. Although it may be taking some getting used to, we need to embrace and live moments and make these memories, thus in the long term that we’ll come out stronger.


Invest In People.

Time away from people has also made me miss not just social interactions, but appreciating people/friends in my life and what they really mean to me. As well as realising how little others actually do. it’s weird the different ‘types’ of friends and friendships there can be. You have those that you talk to about crap. Those who are good for advice without judgement. Those who make you laugh.

I really want to strengthen these friendships and also bridges with family, doing so by making time. There’s always time for what you want to happen.



I feel I’m someone that is forever starting over and making lists and plans on a new lease of life. However, right now, I really feel like we’re all being forced to appreciate our lives and the world around us in a new light and I really hope that we all make changes for when this is all over.


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  • claire chircop

    30th April 2020 at 3:45 pm

    I was the exact same to begin with. The first week or so of lockdown, which feels like forever ago now, was really difficult. I found it hard adjusting back to being a parent 100% of the time, which sounds awful, but I really enjoy going to work and having that as ‘me time’. Now we’re fully in the thick of it & I’ve got a totally different mindset. We’re never going to get this time together again as a family, you’re totally right, so we’re embracing it now. Dan starts furlough tomorrow which will be nice having him more present too!
    Hope you and the boys are well!


  • Sumedha

    5th May 2020 at 5:40 pm

    I relate on materialism! There are actually many things we CAN go without and it takes a situation like this for us to step back and realize it.

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