5 Things That Happened Last Month.

1st April 2020

March. Where to start. The longest months before this.. Yeah, they don’t seem so long anymore do they. But before it got crazy, even during, there’s been some good times.


  1. The eldest had a couple of games of football and a tournament before the league got postponed and then subsequently cancelled. The tournament, which was held at the towns football team’s stadium, was a great opportunity and thoroughly enjoyed by all the teams. Although our team didn’t win, it was a great atmosphere. Can’t wait for the new season to start.

  2. I had a few concerts booked for this year. I’m hoping to at least make one other, but thankfully, one I was able to attend and had been looking forward to the most was Kisstory The Blast Off Tour at Leeds arena. It was all I had wanted it to be. It was amazing! So amazing to see artists you’ve liked for so many years in the flesh and sing and dance along to some good old classics. If the tour ever happens again I will be right there again.

  3. There was also a last-minute night out to Mecca Bingo in York, as they were hosting the Boyz On Block tour – a supergroup consisting of Shane from Boyzone, Abz from Five, Dane from Another Level and Ben Ofoedu – from Phats and Small. After Bingo, local presenter, Dj and all-round good guy Ryan Swain kicked the event off, with the guys coming on stage and entertaining the crowd with a mixed set of all their songs. My friend who came along also won a meet and greet with the group, which was again, a really surreal moment. We felt like school girls.

  4. This month we also celebrated the eldest’s birthday. His party, a bowling one, was already pre-booked. I did contemplate cancelling, with the current situation, but thought I’d first reach out to the parent of his five invited friends and see how thy felt first. Thankfully, all were happy to still come and it was a great party, they all thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s nice having smaller parties, with true friends. He was a thoroughly spoilt boy with gifts and cards from friends and family.

  5. Mother’s Day was a weird one this year. It’s always bittersweet, but with lockdown and such, it was quiet. I got a lovely card and flowers from my boys. Though sadly, we didn’t venture out to visit mum, but it will be the first place I’ll be going once this is all over.


Here’s to next month.

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