5 Things That Happened Last Month.

6th May 2020

A month in lockdown.

I can’t say this month has been full of the joys of Spring and such activities and enjoyment. But, mostly due to extended family time and the good weather, it’s been more bearable than I thought it was going to be, I’ll be honest.


  1. Lockdown at home. Home, in general, is never a place I generally plan on spending a lot of time when it comes to my late parents birthdays and passing days, more so since they both passed at home. But sadly, plans were thrown out the window and that was the case. The saving grace being that I had the boys at home too. To also lighten the mood, and our spa night being cancelled, a couple of friends and I hopped on Zoom and had a good ole natter and giggle.

  2. Easter was quiet. Normally being off for school Easter Holidays, we would be out and about visiting places for Easter-themed activities, but alas, we weren’t able to. However, the Easter Bunny was able to deliver some eggs, social distancing not being a problem when everyone is in bed I guess, and the Peter Rabbit movie may have been watched a number of times too. We also made an Easter tree. Making salt dough decorations to hang on it. As well as toilet roll bunnies.

  3. I found myself a daily challenge; Who’s going to deliver your shopping. That’s right, I’ve had tabs open on my laptop for Tesco, Asda and Morrisons, literally checking them every half an hour in the hope that a delivery slot has become available.  So much so, that it is the first this I do upon waking up, even before I’ve made a brew! That’s dedication (or the potential of hunger is ever there was!)

  4. Since we’re no longer walking to school and I took the extreme by not venturing outside the house to exercise as many have, I knew I had to take some time out in the day to move my body. So I’ve been doing four home workouts a week using videos made by the brilliant Sniper Fitness. It was through Sniper that I lost my first baby weight by joining their newly launched Buggy Bootcamp, meeting some lovely people along the way. I also did a year of their early morning Bootcamp’s. With lockdown, along with many businesses, they have been unable to operate, so to keep their members and also many non-members on track and united, they opened a group and have been uploading videos for people to do at home, as well as live session to follow along with. Getting back into fitness in this way has been brilliant for my mind. I’ll definitely continue to use the videos beyond this.

  5. Lockdown birthdays. It’s beginning to become a possibility that the youngest birthday may be spent in lockdown. His party has already been cancelled by the hall we were set to use along with the company for the ‘entertainment’. Although he’s only young and will be happy with whatever we end up being able to throw together, I felt awful for those older children and adult friends who have had to ‘celebrate’ their birthdays under these circumstances. A friend of my eldest’s had his birthday this month, along with a few other friends from their school, we organised a video chat to say happy birthday and check-in, which they thoroughly enjoyed. Plus my Leeds-Bestie Lizi, who lives alone and has been self-isolating and working from home a lot longer than lockdown had her birthday this month also. I’m so grateful for online businesses and royal mail still operating, as I was able to send her a card and gift to send some love and comfort. Though you can bet we’ll be ‘celebrating’ properly with food when this is all over!



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