Scarborough Independent Businesses In Lockdown.

13th May 2020

Scarborough Independent Businesses In Lockdown.

At the point of writing this post, we are in week six of a lockdown situation in the UK and life as we know it has truly and utterly changed forever. Even six weeks on it’s still a little mind-boggling as to how this all came about, especially with what feels like no end in sight. So staying home and staying safe for the vast majority of people, away from friends and family is what we are continued to be asked to do.

However, that being said, some businesses, especially independent ones aren’t in a position, nor want to just sit back. Having finally realised their dream by setting up their business, they refuse to watch it crumble. So instead of being deflated and defeated in the current climate, have decided to adapt to survive it.

Here I thought I’d share five Scarborough independent businesses who are operating in a new sense of the term of being open and what they are up to.


Clark’s Restaurant.

“Flavour focused cooking using North Yorkshire produce.”

Established in 2016, Clark’s is an amazing restaurant located in the old town part of Scarborough. Their menu offering a sharing plate menu and tapas small plate menu or traditional Sunday lunch service.

However, Rob and his kitchen have taken on a whole new type of service by producing upwards of 100 meals a day and delivering twice weekly to the frontline staff at Scarborough Hospital. This all made possible by having set up a fundraising page on Facebook, with the donations made going towards the cost of ingredients for the meals.

As they say, every little helps and with our amazing NHS heroes working extra long hours and in the face of such a pandemic, what Rob is doing is amazing and is helping keep spirits and energy levels high.

To donate, Click Here.


scarborough independent businesses bloom

Bloom Coffee Shop & Bakery.

Bloom is a lovely new coffee shop and bakery, opening just late last year (2019), but one that has been greatly supported by locals and visitors alike. It’s not difficult to see why they have the most amazing looking sweet treats and if you’ve read my previous posts you will know that Bloom was on my list of places to visit this year (2020), which has now sadly been put on hold. 

Although I’m sure disheartened to have to close her business at such an infant stage, Alice, as with all these Scarborough independent businesses, knowing their following and niche, as well as peoples desire for comfort food and lack of good coffee has transitioned her coffee shop business to an online delivery coffee and bakery business.

With brownies, scones and loaf cafe available for delivery, Alice is taking orders and enquires via the Bloom Facebook page. You won’t regret it.


Community Kitchen, Scarborough.

This couldn’t speak any louder about us as humans and how, faced with such a pandemic, people are able to come together and support one another with true community spirit.

Community Kitchen, Scarborough is made up of nine amazing local business owners who have come together with a collective aim to provide one hot meal to frontline workers as well as those vulnerable such as families, children and the elderly. Between them, they source, cook and distribute the meals and essential packs to the likes of Scarborough Hospital, The Rainbow Centre and also school meals for children.

Surpassing 100 meals per day, these meals and essential packs are made possible and greatly appreciated by donations, however little or large. You can view the Community Kitchen, Scarborough fundraising page here.


scarborough independent businesses sniper fitness

Sniper Fitness.

Sniper Fitness has grown massively over its current eight years operational. They know their market, they imitate no one, they know and believe in their business and they lead by example. So a pandemic, although maybe not part of their business plan or how they saw year eight going, was never going to stop them.

They are media, especially socially, savvy and although it may, as with other businesses, comes as a kick on the teeth having to close the new and beloved HQ, they were never going to take it as a closure. Choosing instead to operate as an online business. Creating a Facebook group off the back of their hugely followed business page, where they uploaded safely recorded workout videos, including spin workouts and also hold weekly live-streamed workouts from their home for people to follow along with.

The group is open to everyone and anyone who feels they want to move more this lockdown, make some changes and or just feel good. You are encouraged to share pictures from your workouts and join in with banter within the community. There’s room for everyone. Head across here.


scarborough independent businesses

Magic Mike.

Calm yourselves, ladies, this is a family show.

If you live in Scarborough, even beyond, and have children, Magic Mike birthday parties won’t be a new concept to you. Mike and his friends are hugely popular with children. Offering birthday parties, as well as hosting Halloween and Christmas shows at Scarborough and Bridlington Spa.

However, with the current lockdown situation and group events not being possible and the business being Mike’s livelihood, he, as may have, have turned to the likes of social media and technology to keep his business alive and relevant and possibly a small income.

Mike has been offering Zoom chat parties, Zoom personal chats, as well as Live shows with his friends. There doesn’t seem to be a specific day these live streams happen, so best to follow on Facebook.


So there are five amazing businesses who are taking on this lockdown in the true business style of adaptation as well as serving their community, though there are plenty of others in Scarborough doing their bit also, who would hugely appreciate the support, so make sure if you use a business and are active on social media, make sure you tag them in your posts and or leave a review.

These businesses need all the help and support they can get now and more so after this situation.


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  • Eddie

    13th May 2020 at 5:26 pm

    This is brilliant, I didn’t know that Clarkes restaurant were doing this, such a great thing. Me and my 4yr old have been tuning into magic Mike’s live when we can. We all love Mike in this house.

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