3 Easy Lockdown Bakes.

17th June 2020

Easy bakes.

This may be off the collar and an unpopular/debatable viewpoint to some, but in some ways, I think lockdown has been, as well as an eye-opening experience, but that it’s also brought our existence as humans into check.

Being forced into, although natural to some, but more unnatural to most, circumstances i.e. – being forced to stay home, for example, has meant basically having to work with what you have, resulting in much adapting taking place. It has also allowed, in some situations, a lot more ‘free time’. And it seems as a nation, that this has resulted in an extremely large amount of people embracing the hobby of – baking.

My social media channels, Whats App groups and blog reading reels have been rife with recipe and results sharing and do you know what, I’m here for it and I am one of those people. So that in mind, I thought I’d share four easy bakes that I’ve been making on repeat over the last eleven weeks.


Egg Free Cookies.


With a shortage of eggs and a desire to bake and indulge, these egg-free cookies/biscuits came about (thanks Google!) and rocked our world. I’m easily making a batch a week, the boys and I love them. They’re such an easy bake, taking no time at all and make minimal mess and washing up. Winning I say.





You cannot beat an old-school favourite. Also with having children, it’s lovely to bake yummy treats that you enjoyed as a child. With optional extras such as; chocolate to the top, fruit in the mixture, as well as it being ridiculously simple, makes it one of my favourites. That being said, we always use the golden syrup recipe.  



Banana Bread.


Banana bread. Seriously, who hasn’t been making banana bread this lockdown?! Though I may add and I’m sure I’m not alone in saying this, I had been making banana bread way before lockdown started. My two boys love the stuff and it really is such a easy bake. I wouldn’t say that mine looks totally bread-like. Not owning a loaf tin meant the I improvise with a normal cake tin and with it being for the boys, I just cut it up into squares and Tupperware it.


There you have it. 3 easy bakes for lockdown and for life. 

What have you been baking recently?


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