Finding My Style, Curating My Me Wardrobe.

3rd June 2020

My Inner Self Is A Bitch.


Finding my style. It’s so easy to get complacent in how you dress. Don’t you agree?

There’s the factor of dressing for your surroundings. I live quite rural and as well as having a dog to walk, I also walk to school. From a practical point of view, heels, floaty skirts, dresses, the colour white and similar aren’t really going to work for me. Add in that I’m also a stay home mum, so housework, toddler food and playtime means that me ‘throwing together’ a casual outfit of jeans and a jumper with Uggs (sorry!), wellies or boots at a push becomes the norm. Saying that, if those items work for you then that’s totally fine.

I also, over the years, self identify as an impulsive buyer. I bought because I liked. Without thinking practicality, if it would fit into my wardrobe, the colour suited me or whether I truly needed it.  There was basically no common sense used in purchases.

What I projected externally to people and the world about my style wasn’t truly me. I was stuck in my surroundings and my new job role as a stay home mum. Every time I questioned myself as to why I couldn’t wear that, my inner self would say ‘..because all you do is stay home’, ‘..because it’ll get dirty on the dog walk’, and ‘ can’t clean in that’.

Now let me tell you this. I’m an argumentative person. Super stubborn and never wrong. My inner self is one hell of a bitch and generally always wins.

Up until this last year.


The Beginning Of Me.


After my first pregnancy, I professed to basically reinvent myself. However looking back now, what I was actually doing was attempting to replicate outfits and looks on ladies whos blogs and Instagrams I liked and followed for myself, when the reality actually was that most of these ‘investments’ in clothing and footwear did absolutely nothing for me. With some being so far out of my comfort zone and or didn’t compliment other pieces in my wardrobe that they stayed, hanging up, with tags on, resorting to just sticking with my old clothes.

I became easily influenced and crazily impulsive.

My second pregnancy, five years later; a completely different mindset and situation.

Not being one of those lucky ladies, whos weight just fell of them after pregnancy, I knew from my first that it was going to take time, dedication and a lot of moving. During this time, I also held off from making any clothing purchases I didn’t actually need. Only replacing jeans/jeggings when I REALLY needed to. This allowed me the time to take a good honest look at my self AND my wardrobe. Asking such questions as, ‘..what was in there?’, ‘..what do I wear the most?’, ‘..what don’t I wear and why?”.





Pinterest has become my best friend through this process and even beyond. After evaluating and answering those questions, as well as getting an idea into specific colours that suited me, research was on the cards. For this, I headed to Pinterest. I used Pinterest to search for either particular items of clothing, or how to style X or outfits for a particular season. Using it as inspiration and pining those images for future,/shopping reference.

Looking at items already in my wardrobe, as well as going through my pined images, I then spent time writing a list on my laptop of items I liked and more importantly, items that were something I would/could genuinely wear and would fit into my wardrobe, as well as staying true to and finding my own style.


finding my style pinterest board


What I’ve Found And Purchased.


Before and whilst purchasing new items, I spent some time removing ‘old’ items and un-worn items and decluttering my wardrobe, by either selling them on or donating to a local charity shop. 

Reflecting myself and my personality, finding my own style looks very basic. Simple, classic, basic styles and pieces that I can inter-change with one another maximising outfit possibilities. This theory resulted in being one of those people who purchase a piece of clothing in multiple different colours. Sorry, not sorry. A few items that have been added to my wardrobe are; denim pinafore (black and blue), grey tights, black leggings, grey boots, blazer (green and black), black cardigan, dungarees (blue), slim fit high neck tops, jumpers (black and khaki), barely-there heels/sandals.


finding my style wardrobe purchases

I’ve still got some additions to make, but I love looking in my wardrobe now. It’s so easy to put outfits together. As well as feeling a lot more secure in myself, I feel completely aligned with who I am and what I have. Maybe that’s an age thing too, who knows.


Can you define your style?


Pin For Later. 

finding my style

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  • Louise

    3rd June 2020 at 1:56 pm

    Love this post Caroline. My style defies definition, I’m a magpie and I’m always trying, with little success, to refine it. I’ve recently downloaded the Stylebook app so that I can actually monitor what is and isn’t being used. Look forward to seeing super stylish you when we get out for our first coffee xx

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