Simple Autumn Intentions.

21st September 2020

The Autumn equinox is upon us. Meaning the days will start drawing in, seeming both longer and shorter, until the Winter solstice on the 22 December.

My Autumn intentions are simple –

To reflect on the months that have passed and appreciate them for all they were, positives and negatives. A lot has been out of my control, yet I’ve struggled to really grasp that. Which in turn has led to feeling lost and unsettled. The upside being that we’ve had an amazing amount of family time together, which although different and difficult at times, has positively made a difference to the youngest especially. It’s been lovely to see their brotherly relationship grow.

Autumn will bring about embracing new starts and routines. Back to school, in a new class, as well as the beginning of a nursery/pre-school journey. I am a human who thrives on routine and being organised, so getting settled and into a new normal will be key in Autumn. This in turn will allow a winding down the year process to begin and the hygge love-affair starts. And we’re all here for that!

I will continue to set myself monthly goals and targets – which are generally based around self-improvement/education (things to read and listen to), blog related (planning content and reading my favourite blogs for inspiration) and family-related wants and wishes (places to visit and things to do looking forward), but Autumn will also consist highly around adventure walks in the turning crunchy leaves, conker finding, pumpkin picking, and carving, marveling at a firework display and guilt-free hot chocolates whenever I like.


What will your Autumn look like? Do you have any intentions or inspiration to share?


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