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Simple Winter Intentions.

23rd December 2020crelgey

Winter Solstice. Fewer hours of daylight making shorter days, whilst at the same time making the days feel a lot longer. I’m sure I’m not alone in being someone who will spend most of the coming months saying “wow as if it’s X time, it only feels like X time’. If only our ancestors’ theory of lighting fires to bring the sun back actually worked. That would definitely be one of my Winter Intentions!

As with Autumn, my Winter Intentions are simple and actually quite similar.

Continue to reflect on the months that have passed, giving myself and the boys credit for how we’ve dealt with the ongoing and changing situation. Plus how well they’ve settled back into a new world and new routine. There are many positives that are definitely worth shouting about. Find the joy you could say.

Embracing and appreciating the days, however short they may seem. I plan to continue to spend as much time as I can handle outdoors. With the change in season, I love seeing how different things look. Loss of leaves, snowdrops appearing, frost. Our walks to school first thing on a morning, though sometimes in a rush, are generally spent spotting things, the boys love it. 

This pandemic and especially the first lockdown definitely stalled my creativity. The snippets of alone time I had, my mind and body just needed calm and quiet and definitely sleep. I plan now to continue to set myself goals, as well as getting back to writing down daily tasks to force myself to be more productive with the time I have. There are books I want to read/listen to, courses I want to complete, and places I want to visit. And hopefully some snow I can play in. 


What will your Winter look like? Do you have any intentions or inspiration to share?


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  • Louise

    24th December 2020 at 9:19 am

    I think many of us lost our way over recent months, a combination of the changing seasons and ever changing social climate, like you, I’m focusing the next few months on my goals, reading books, development and trying to find joy where it exists. Xx

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