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3rd February 2021

*Ad/Gifted flowers


… and 100 red roses! I’ll be honest. I know Valentine’s Day isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and I absolutely hear you. I’m definitely someone who prefers the little things all year round. Not in a needy way, just an appreciative and respected way. (No hints intended). That being said, I know not everyone has the opportunity to see their loved one every day, plus, with the added arrival of a global pandemic, it has definitely, potentially, made that near impossible for some. 

So why not make a grand gesture? With flowers. 

Who doesn’t love receiving flowers? Even the ones picked from your own garden by your child can bring a smile to your face. Flowers really are the best most inexpensive way of saying you care. To a significant other, or someone you close, what better time than Valentine’s Day to share and declare the love and feelings.

Feeling enthused? I have something you might be interested in.

100 red roses

Scarborough based florist, Louise The Florist, creates the most beautiful flower displays, priding themselves on using only the finest and freshest flowers as well as offering same-day delivery. But here’s what you really really want to know…  Louise The Florist is currently running an ah-mazing competition over on their website. Oh yes. In two easy steps, you could be in a chance to win 100 red roses to be sent to a special someone and that is one delivery I am here for. (Again, not hint intended, but if anyone wanted to, they would be gratefully accepted. lol) You have from 1st February until the 10th February to enter.

So you best get to it! And make sure you check out  the other gorgeous displays Louise The Florist does for all other occasions. The lily bouquets are my favourite.



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