caroline elgey-white

Hello! – I’m Caroline.

Over 30-years old. A wife. A mother. Lifestyle content creator. Living in the seaside town of Scarborough in North Yorkshire.



Established in 2012, this space has grown and changed massively.

With no real niche or main subject, I enjoy the freedom to choose what I write about from real life situations, thoughts, and experiences. You’ll find a range of topics such as: LifeI Will Be Productive This Year , Health & FitnessThe Best Morning Routine , Home – Fighting A Sleep Thief  , Beauty – I’m No Beauty Blogger  , and some Personal Style – Forever Mono and Parenting – Being A Stay Home Mum  related content.


Over recent years, my writing and content has included featuring my home town of Scarborough. I love living in the town and feel there is much more than meets the (tourist) eye about it. From Independent Businesses  , to Places To Visit  off the beaten track.


When I’m not keeping home or being run around by two mini dictators (love them!), I enjoy meeting up with friends for tea and cake, real-life crime documentaries and books, bingo sessions, spa days oh and Centre Parcs visits.


Every picture you see. Every word you read is my own. Although I am happy to work with brands and companies on sponsored content, I do not accept pre-written content nor ‘stock’ photos. All sponsored content is marked appropriately and I only accept what I feel ‘works’ with my with space and who I am.


So I hope you stick around. 🙂