• Welcome KODA Coffee, Scarborough.

    23rd October 2019

    Koda Coffee. Another coffee shop I hear you say. Yes, my thoughts exactly upon its opening. However, Koda coffee has put itself on the coffee shops map of the town with sharp branding and simplistic decor. And I like it very much. What’s nice to see, when visiting coffee shops, is not just how they make it their own by its name, branding, decor, but by what they have to offer. The drinks and food. Even beyond that, the brands…

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  • Sunday Lunching At The Whitehall, Leeds.

    16th October 2019

    The Whitehall Leeds. The Whitehall, Leeds. Sunday Lunch. It’s been a while. My last being here in 2017! I seem to have fallen into a habit (though I’m not complaining, as I’m still not cooking!) of staying at home for our weekly roast. That being said, I am not someone to turn down a social outing, especially to Leeds to see friends whom I most definitely do not see often enough. Our venue of choice for our rendezvous was The…

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  • 5 Awesome Blog Reads From September.

    9th October 2019

    If you missed the introduction in the first month, here’s a little brief on this series.   I love reading blogs. It was stumbling across a blog post, resulting in a mass binge of said blog that lead me to start my own online space many moons ago. You probably read blogs more than you realise. And it seems every business now has it as an extension to their website. Reading blogs not only offers information, be thought-provoking and relatable,…

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  • 5 Things That Happened Last Month.

    3rd October 2019

    September. The month calm was restored. It’s always bittersweet. I love having my eldest home and spending time together and making memories, as I do miss him when he’s at school and it’s great for him to be the child he is, instead of conforming at a school for six hours. However I also love routine and although I try to keep one as much as possible, especially with having the younger, it doesn’t leave much time for myself. You…

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