• summer feet

    Emoji Micro Pedi For Summer Read Feet.

    24th April 2013

    I’m not a foot person. Shamingly, even after years of abuse through gymnastics, I’ve never really taken much care of my feet. I do suffer from hard skin, but getting rid of it has never been a major part of my shower/bath/beauty/daily routine. Shocking, I know. However, with summer (hopefully) around the corner and seeing this micro pedi gadget advertised on TV I thought, let’s give it a try.   What The Micro Pedi Claims To Do. ” Gently and…

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  • fashion after pregnancy

    Reinventing my Wardrobe After Pregnancy.

    21st February 2013

    Fashion after pregnancy. I have been (online) scouring the sales and admittedly, more so the ‘new in’ sections and Spring/Summer collections on websites such as Topshop, River Island, Matalan and Next since Christmas Eve, to help make my new 2013 wardrobe. A time for fashion after pregnancy and starting again. Time has been on my hands, and I have enjoyed really being able to research and search for specific items I’ve wanted or price match items I’ve found against other brands or styles,…

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  • current skincare

    Current Skincare I’m Loving.

    13th February 2013

      My Current Skincare.   Shockingly, I’ve never been good at looking after my skin, a couple of years ago I started my search for a ‘proper’ skincare routine. The first products I tried were Dermalogica after having an introduction to them at a local beautician. She used a fair number of products on me and although my skin felt amazing afterward, there really were too many products for me to remember what to do with what etc, so I…

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  • baby at 30 weeks

    Baby Update At 30 Weeks.

    31st December 2012

    Baby At 30 Weeks.   With Christmas over and the New Year upon us, I thought I’d give the baby a post of his own. As I’m sure the next 10 weeks will fly by, as much as the last 7 months have. So here’s baby at 30 weeks. So, he’s now fully grown, has been for a few weeks. Putting on weight, ready to face the outside world. I’d hoped that this meant that I wouldn’t get any bigger,…

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