• Why I’m Not A Beauty Blogger.

    25th April 2018 crelgey

    When I first began blogging back in 2012, (under a completely different blog name) my reasoning was that I wanted to share my fashion/outfits and also beauty products and treatments I used/tried, but from an ‘older’ perspective. I may have been naive to not only what was involved in blogging as a whole and the sheer number of bloggers already doing their thing, but I did know that I was very much on the ‘older’ scale of age brackets. Now obviously…

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  • Skincare Skills To Sort Your Face Out.

    23rd August 2017 crelgey

    Get a skincare regime/routine! Hear me now. If I’ve said it before, I’ve said it a thousand times – I’m no beauty blogger. Pretty evident I guess by the lack of content, but you know, just clearing it up before we start. (however, the below Facial Steamer would be a dream come true!) Though for the content I do write which are beauty related, I’m not all about telling you about ‘magic products that will change your life’, or that this is…

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  • My Summer Beauty Changes And Essentials.

    14th June 2017 crelgey

    I have to start by declaring that I am most definitely NOT a beauty blogger. I am not a lady that knows much at all about current trends and or how to contour. I know what I like and I like what I have. With that in mind, I’ve generally also been one to back out of conversations such as I’m about to delve into, however, over the last couple of years, I’ve found myself doing it, sub-consciously, so guess…

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  • Dry Hands Saviour Products.

    22nd March 2017 crelgey

    I’ve got manly dry hands. That is the only true description I can give. Or maybe hands of a manual worker? I definitely inherited my dads hands, shall we say. They’re not what I would call feminine. And apart from maybe as a stand-in for a male, there’s no chance of me being a hand model. Anytime. Ever. I personally feel the thing that makes them so manly are my knuckles. Now, I get it that with how the skin…

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