• I don't change up my skincare that much. I'm quite loyal. But when I was contacted to try this Bravura range and read the information and also reviews. I couldn't deny knocking a few years of my skin.


      I’m not one to really swap, change and experiment with skincare. I generally find something that I/my skin likes and stick to it and for the last 5 years that has been Liz Earle. Then I was offered the…

  • I mean I'm sure there's many more reasons to love The Body Shop, but here are my favourite. My favourite beauty products and skincare and reasons.

    5 Reasons To Love The Body Shop.

      It wasn’t until a recent event at The Body Shop, Scarborough, that I realised how many of their products I use, have used and love. I admit to having a drawer that can only be described as a body butter…

  • Lush, York had am event showcasing their Spring Collection and it was my first experience of Lush.


    Disclaimer: I am a complete (apart from a lip scrub in yummy popcorn) Lush newbie. So amuse me by reading this in awe of my knowledge and excitement. Although I’m told I spend too much time on Twitter, I somehow…

  • When you find the one. You know. You can't be without them. For me, this was Liz Earle. I know very little about beauty products, but their skincare really does sort me out.
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    The Skincare I Can Always Rely On.

    Admittedly, I haven’t been a good caretaker to my skin. Up until recently, when, hitting the 3-0, I realised this needed to change. I’d never been one to have or keep to a skincare routine. It just all seemed a…