• Bravura, Keeping Me Looking Young.

    26th October 2016 crelgey

    I’m not normally one to swap, change and experiment with skincare. I generally find something that I/my skin likes and stick to it and for the last 5 years that has been Liz Earle. However, when I was offered the opportunity to trial Bravura, after reading about it, I was interested. Let’s just take a moment first to ‘ooo’ and ‘ahhh‘ over this packaging. I mean, it’s gorgeous. Bravura’s marketing/design team deserve not only a round of applause but a…

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  • 5 Reasons To Love The Body Shop.

    15th June 2016 crelgey

    It wasn’t until a recent event at The Body Shop, Scarborough, that I realised how many of their products I use, have used and love. I admit to having a drawer that can only be described as a body butter haven and a bigger drawer full of not just Body Shop, but other hoarded goodies. Although Boots No7 comes in a close second, it’s The Body Shop products that seem to be a staple in my skin/body/makeup collections. The main focus behind…

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  • Lush Spring Collection Event, York – Ad

    9th March 2016 crelgey

    Lush Spring Collection. Disclaimer: I am a complete (apart from a lip scrub in yummy popcorn) Lush newbie. So amuse me by reading my thought on the Lush Spring Collection in awe of my knowledge and excitement. Although I’m told I spend too much time on Twitter, I somehow missed the original tweet looking for York bloggers. Thankfully, I was updated by the lovely Rach and quickly registered my interest, as as I mentioned above, I must be quite a taboo…

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  • Liz Earle, The Skincare I Can Always Rely On.

    25th November 2015 crelgey

    Admittedly, I haven’t been a good caretaker to my skin. Up until recently, when, hitting the 3-0, I realised this needed to change. I’d never been one to have or keep to a skincare routine. It just all seemed a bit excessive and pointless to me. However, my skin definitely isn’t what it used to be and I needed to change.   The Best Skincare. Liz Earle is a British brand founded in 1995. Through sourcing natural ingredients, they produce…

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