• My Mummy Makeup Helping Me Feel Good.

    19th August 2015 crelgey

    I’m sure every mummy has, goes or will go through the stage of having a baby/toddler/child and can’t be bothered to/not allowed to/or doesn’t have the time to apply a full face of make up every day. For me, since being off work, I only ever wear a proper full face of makeup when I go out with friends or date night. The rest of the time I’m either fresh-faced, bags and all, or I resort to a ‘I tried’…

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  • It's a scary prospect, permanent makeup, on your face. Beauty really has gone to the next level. But being the mother of hardly any brows, serious situations call for serious actions. Pictures included in this review.

    Permanment Makeup With Joanne Lee.

    8th July 2015 crelgey

    I hold my hands up that, back in the day, I was a serial eyebrow plucker, so much so, that over the years my brows practically stopped growing back. This resulted in me having to ‘draw them on’ daily. However, by doing this, it became a daily chore and unnatural looking, leaving me feeling very self-conscious. Tattooing your body is one thing, there’s the option of covering it with clothing, or another tattoo or having it removed. The thought, however,…

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  • My Little Box The Diane Von Fustenberg Edition.

    22nd October 2014 crelgey

    After my Glossybox days as a new blogger, I’ve deliberated over many new boxes that I’ve read about and come across, but I always take myself back to my Glossybox days and my reasons for cancelling my subscription.   My Little Box.   Recently, I read about MY LITTLE BOX a French-based monthly subscription box company. Their boxes have a theme each month and feature must-have beauty products, including one from their very own range, fashion and lifestyle accessories, their…

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  • Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream Review.

    18th June 2014 crelgey

    Clinique cc cream. Having not bought any makeup products from Clinique before, I was a tad on the fence when it was recommended to me to try the CC cream, but I finally gave in to it’s ‘high end’ price tag and purchased. With very high expectations I may add. It’s very similar to that of the Bourjois CC cream. It does seem to even my colourings out and seems a good colour match, shade wise. Personally, with having freckles,…

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