• Have A Happy Scandi Christmas.

    8th November 2017 crelgey

    Scandi Christmas. I’ve looked into my roots before. No. Not those roots. I know the brown has been replaced by grey. I have the privilege of paying £45 a month to convince myself and the world otherwise. I’m talking more about my heritage. My family roots. Who I am. We all generally know our immediate family. The circle that’s around us from birth. However, how much do you know of those beyond that circle? Who’s name do you really have? Has…

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  • christmas traditions

    9 Christmas Traditions Old And New.

    9th December 2014 crelgey

    Isn’t it weird growing up in your home and thinking the way you/your family does things is the same as everyone else? Then one day realising it isn’t. Christmas is one of those times. Not just from a religious aspect, but just from family to family. As a child, Christmas was always my favourite time of the year. Not just because it’s my birthday month, but because regardless of my age, my mum especially, always made it feel magical. A…

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