• scarborough market hall

    Scarborough Market Hall And Its Independant Businesses.

    18th July 2018 crelgey

    Scarborough Market Hall is quite the hidden treasure of the town. Hidden more in the respect that it’s not a ‘normal’ tourist attraction and although located close to South Bay, it’s actually set back of the main road. Scarborough Market Hall History and Refurbishment. The area where the Scarborough Market Hall now sits was originally shambles, that housed a slaughterhouse. The ‘vaults’ under the main building being used as a warehouse. Then in 1993, this space was converted into shop…

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  • rosette sizzling pub scarborough

    The Rosette, Sizzling Pub, Scalby, Scarborough – AD

    31st January 2018 crelgey

    Scarborough has plenty of pubs. As most towns do. Many of these pubs and restaurants offer ‘sizzling’ dishes. But there’s a new contender in town and they’ve brought in the big boys – The Rosette in Scalby has been refurbished and taken over as the only Sizzling Pub in Scarborough. Now, admittedly, I don’t think I’ve visited a Sizzling Pub before. Though being a steak lover, along with my husband, who I decided to treat to a rare night out, we…

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  • crown spa scarborough

    Festive Afternoon Tea At Crown Spa Hotel, Scarborough.

    13th December 2017 crelgey

    Afternoon tea is always a good idea. When it’s then a festive one makes it a necessity. My lovely friend Lizi came to the coast for the day, so of course, the only way to catch up was over tea and cake. After a search, the Crown Spa Hotel, Festive Afternoon Tea won.   Crown Spa Hotel Festive Afternoon Tea. The hotel’s restaurant is called Taste. However, we were seated in a separate room, which was a lot brighter to…

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  • the grapes inn, ebberston

    Sunday Lunch At The Grapes Inn, Ebberston, Scarborough.

    11th October 2017 crelgey

      The Grapes Inn, Ebberston. The Grapes Inn, found at Ebberston, hadn’t really been on my radar or list to visit, however, after a quick search, we deicded to give it a go. It may seem like a typically a small, quiet, friendly village pub, but don’t be fooled by that statement. It is definitely a wolf in sheep’s clothing. In a good sense of the terms. This isn’t your average village pub serving food. This place is ALL about…

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