• Here’s To A New Year – 2014.

    31st December 2013 crelgey

    Normally, I’m not one to full-heartedly make new year resolutions. When asked, I generally have the generic answers of; ‘going to the gym more’, ‘eat better’, ‘lose some weight’ etc… That’s not to say that these things won’t factor in my 2014, as I’m sure they will, but I’ve been doing these things for half of 2013 (and probably most years before that..)   New Year. After turning 30, I think it’s time that my style changed/evolved. I feel that my…

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  • bloggers christmas party


    12th December 2012 crelgey

    I love social events. I love Christmas. I love seeing people I don’t see that often. So when I received an email from Rach, saying she was looking to organise a bloggers Christmas party, I couldn’t say yes quicker. There being eight of us, we got a couple of tables at a general Christmas party evening at the Park Inn by Radisson Hotel, York.  Although the room was filled with more businesses and companies on their ‘work do’ (we were…

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