• A Chocolate Delivery With Amelia’s Chocolate.

    22nd June 2016 crelgey

    * UPDATE JULY 2019 – Sadly Amelia’s has closed its doors*     Chocolate delivered to your door. There is a god. Or goddess and her name is Amelia. A LITTLE ABOUT AMELIA.                                                                                              …

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  • Liz Earle, The Skincare I Can Always Rely On.

    25th November 2015 crelgey

    Admittedly, I haven’t been a good caretaker to my skin. Up until recently, when, hitting the 3-0, I realised this needed to change. I’d never been one to have or keep to a skincare routine. It just all seemed a bit excessive and pointless to me. However, my skin definitely isn’t what it used to be and I needed to change.   The Best Skincare. Liz Earle is a British brand founded in 1995. Through sourcing natural ingredients, they produce…

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  • REVIEW: Invisalign – An Update

    25th March 2015 crelgey

    So phase two of my INVISALIGN journey came after 8 weeks of wearing a course of four aligners, changing every two weeks.  This appointment, at THE HOSPITAL GROUP was to have attachment/buttons/retention points added to my teeth to help with moving the teeth into place. Adding them to my teeth only took ten to fifteen minutes and was pain free. As with this whole process, my aligners had been custom made to house these attachments and as soon as I fit the new aligner,…

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  • chatty feet

    Chatty Feet Socks And Their Giveaway.

    16th February 2015 crelgey

    I first wrote about CHATTYFEET last year. You can read my introduction to them HERE. In a nutshell, without repeating myself, but for those new to the brand, I love the concept of CHATTYFEET. Turning the boring sock into a fun and possibly educational way of keeping your tootsies warm. Plus, they quite simply, make you smile. It’s great that they cater for all the family, with Women’s, Men’s and Kid’s socks available. You can basically have your own shock show! If…

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