• How I’d Style A Trench Coat – Ad

    28th April 2017 crelgey

    The trench coat – A wardrobe staple. A coat to take you through all seasons. A must for any Parisian or wannabe. A versatile coat with many styling options for even the cosy and comfy. – And yet a coat that is sadly absent from my wardrobe. For too long. Along with a camel coat, which I finally added to my wardrobe last year and haven’t looked back – the beige trench coat is a coat that has easily been on…

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  • Hello There Checked Shirt Back So Soon.

    21st April 2017 crelgey

    Guess who’s back. Back again. Checks are back. Tell a friend. Yup – I definitely just part quoted Eminem AND wore a checked shirt again. What is my life. Or my head. But yes. Here I am wearing my non-looking lumberjack shirt. In a very non-lumberjack way. Hurray for me. Now I’ve spent some time looking at pictures of myself in two check shirts, (see other one here), I personally think it’s all about the colour and pattern of the check.…

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  • These Jeans Weren’t Made For Caroline.

    14th April 2017 crelgey

    Back to my happy place of these steps. I feel I should really do an InstaStory of shooting, to give you the full landscape that these steps sit on. It’s quite a view. Here I am though, with another jean/khaki/pointed boots/loose tee/cardigan because I’m always cold – loving post. Now I know I jeans. However, high waisted jeans just aren’t my thing. I buy all my jeans from Next as I know what I like and they’re generally good quality.…

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  • A Check Shirt Surprise In My Wardrobe.

    7th April 2017 crelgey

    Hello there New Look check shirt with tags on, hiding in my wardrobe. You are exactly what I was looking for today upon emptying my wardrobe to find something to wear because I have nothing..What a welcome wardrobe surprise. What a welcome wardrobe surprise. I’ll explain. Upon writing my spring summer outfit preparing, with Apricot, a couple of weeks ago, I stated that it was my first check shirt. It seems. I lied. This little beauty, had been put away a wee while…

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