• The Best Boots Addition To My Wardrobe.

    3rd March 2017 crelgey

    These boots!.. Look at these boots! I’m very much a second-hand influencer about these boots, as I was actually influenced myself into getting them. But you can’t blame me right? – I haven’t bought shoes/boots in a while.. And these are pretty beautiful.. So these are the Topshop Killer Studded Boots. Just for information purposes – they’re currently on sale for just £28! (Just saying) As I mentioned above, I originally saw them on my friend Lisa’s Instagram where she’d actually bought…

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  • Living In Apricot Life.*

    24th February 2017 crelgey

    Me and my girl. She drives me loopy most days with her complete disregard for our neighbours with her constant barking when we go out, or just general barking at everything and anything. Plus that she’s not a dog lover. But – We love her. Dog walking is, therefore, a major part of my daily activity and when not done in my wellies, comfort is always imperative. So enter there Apricot Life range pieces. Basic, quality, well-priced and on trend…

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  • I Like This And That’s That.

    17th February 2017 crelgey

    I’m sure you wont disagree with me when I say, that I really feel that my style is within a certain palette at the moment. From last Summer when khaki came on my radar it’s never really left and alongside a monochrome love, it’s never looked better. I really should apologise, again, for another similar styled outfit, but, as I said above, this is my current palette and I like it. This is me. This outfit is actually made up…

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  • Here We Are Again And Apologies.

    10th February 2017 crelgey

    OK, I have to apologise that, you may, may not have noticed that this outfit is pretty dam similar to last weeks. My bad. I honestly didn’t realise until I began editing the pictures.. .. least I can say I know my style and colour palette. Which you wont be surprised in seeing, if you followed me through summer last year, that my khaki love continues. And yes, apology two goes to the fact that I have a stain on…

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