• A lot changes when you have a baby. Yourself including mind and body, as well as things around you. There's a lot to take in.

    The Personal Realities Of Having A Newborn.

    22nd August 2018 crelgey

      Some People Say And most likely think, having a second child is no big deal. For example, you already know what to expect, (or think you do!) and have everything (or most things). However, for me (us), a second child would mean a five year age gap. Not only that but being someone that disliked both pregnancy and labour, having a second child was NOT on the cards, until a year ago. So within those five years: We’d obviously…

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  • My Worry About Baby Number Two.

    18th April 2018 crelgey

    We’re weeks, single figures to be a bit more exact, away from our new arrival and dealing with a new baby in the family. We couldn’t be more excited. However, there’s a niggle in the back of my head and my heart that I just can’t put to rest.   I’m an only child. You see. I’m an only child. I actually have an extremely small family. Smaller still after losing my parents in 2012. I always wanted an older brother.…

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  • New Baby Shopping List.

    11th April 2018 crelgey

    This being my second pregnancy and feeling like we learned a lot from the first, in regards to purchases, I thought I’d share with you in this new baby shopping list post, what we’ve been buying for our new impending arrival and also why. First, a disclaimer: I’m by no means a mummy or parent blogger, neither do I profess to know it all. This post is written honestly regarding my own personal thoughts and opinion. I have not been…

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