• Welcome KODA Coffee, Scarborough.

    23rd October 2019 crelgey

    Koda Coffee. Another coffee shop I hear you say. Yes, my thoughts exactly upon its opening. However, Koda coffee has put itself on the coffee shops map of the town with sharp branding and simplistic decor. And I like it very much. What’s nice to see, when visiting coffee shops, is not just how they make it their own by its name, branding, decor, but by what they have to offer. The drinks and food. Even beyond that, the brands…

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  • Yay Coffee, Scarborough, is a lovely independent coffee house. Serving an array of coffee and homemade cakes and treats.


    30th March 2016 crelgey

      “Say yay, say ho, say yay, say ho..” Ok, that’s a terrible intro, but i just couldn’t help myself.. Admittedly, I am not, nor will I ever will be, a coffee fiend. I could however, drink hot chocolate or tea till I am sick or fall asleep. Hopefully not both. At the same time. So when a new coffee shop opened in my town of Scarborough, although intrigued by it’s name, location and what the decor would be like,…

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