• fitness trainers

    Staying Active In Lockdown.

    24th June 2020 crelgey

    Staying active in lockdown. Maybe not the case for everyone, but it seems like, as a nation, through our imposed lockdown, we’ve fallen a little bit in love with, dare I say it –  exercise and staying active in lockdown. Yes. I said a little bit in love. I’ve seen many a comment and post which surprisingly when referring to those things which they miss from our pre-covid19 life, the gym and consistent use of exercise was mentioned. And I…

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  • after lockdown

    5 Things Post Lockdown.

    20th May 2020 crelgey

    After lockdown. Life is all kinds of crazy right now, Isn’t it? Every morning I wake up and for a short period of time, I forget the reality of this hell we’re all living right now. Some definitely being worse than others. I look outside and see the world as it always looks. I look around the house and it looks exactly as it always does. And I look at my family, who are with me as they always are.…

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  • scarborough

    Scarborough Independent Businesses In Lockdown.

    13th May 2020 crelgey

    Scarborough Independent Businesses In Lockdown. At the point of writing this post, we are in week six of a lockdown situation in the UK and life as we know it has truly and utterly changed forever. Even six weeks on it’s still a little mind-boggling as to how this all came about, especially with what feels like no end in sight. So staying home and staying safe for the vast majority of people, away from friends and family is what…

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  • Life-Changing Thoughts Right Now.

    29th April 2020 crelgey

    Life-changing thoughts. It’s such a chilling word in a sense. Lockdown. It sounds quite apocalyptic and legal. A type of house arrest. But worse. Being unable to enjoy the outside world for all it is and see those we love. I’d be lying if I said that I’ve been fully enjoying and embracing this somewhat forced time at home. The first week of lockdown was a tough one for me personally. Though I’m a housewife/homemaker/stay at home mum, the prospect…

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