• Check Mate In My Pinafore.

    11th November 2016 crelgey

    Is me in a dress becoming normal yet? It seems to be happening a bit too much recently, but, do you know what, I kind of like a pinafore.. and I think they kind of like me too.     When I was searching for some staple pieces for my work wardrobe, I knew straight away I needed at least one pinafore. However, not being a previous pinafore wearer, or as you know, general dress wear, I wasn’t sure if…

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  • Camel Coat Outing One Of Many To Come.

    21st October 2016 crelgey

    Yes I’m finally part of the ‘crew’. I am now the happy owner of a camel coat. I’ve waited and lusted for so long and I couldn’t love it more. Good things do come to those who wait. Here’s how I’ve begun to style it. Isn’t the camel coat such a versatile item? Similar to that of the popular trench coat, however fitted coats like that aren’t my thing. even though I’d still like one. I hadn’t really thought much…

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