• Forever Mono And A Break.

    16th June 2017 crelgey

    It’s official. Even in Summer I’m a monochrome lover. Granted I maybe don’t look very summery to the average person, but I feel it. Especially in this white strappy cami. If you’ve read my rambling before on outfits, you may remember me saying previously that I wasn’t sure on v-neck tops, as I feel they make me look more broad shouldered than I am. But. I take that back. Because that isn’t the case with this cami top. It may…

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  • Summer Stripes And New Things.

    9th June 2017 crelgey

    Hello Summer. Apart from me wearing an actual bikini (which is NEVER going to happen again I may add!), I feel this outfit pretty much sums Summer. Yes, I agree, I could at least be in shorts, but my legs are so white, I fear that you wouldn’t know where my top ended and they began! Plus, I’m ALWAYS in jeans. Do you know me? Haha! Straw Trilby Hat – ASOS // Shirt – Next (old) // Tie Strap Top –…

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  • My Summer Outfit Inspiration Is Ready And In Action.

    2nd June 2017 crelgey

    Summer Outfit Inspiration: I’ve enjoyed shooting outfits over the last year. I feel I’ve come into my own – My own style. My body. My confidence. Shooting on the same steps has given my pictures a good focus, a dark background to suit darker days and a good dose of repetition. However, coming into Summer and a new wave of shooting – New/seasonal clothes and colours. New content creation with video angle. So, here comes a new location. Plus hopefully…

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  • When An Outfit Couldn’t Be More You.

    26th May 2017 crelgey

    I think the title pretty much sums up the direction of this post, but just literate, this outfit is so me and I couldn’t be happier with that. Especially when, now I don’t know if it applies to everyone, but I’m pretty sure it will, that you plan an outfit in your head, then do a prayer before looking in the mirror that it’ll look OK? Sunglasses – Primark // Choker – eBay // TShirt – H&M // Checked shirt (out…

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