• Time For Me Now Baby Is One.

    29th May 2019 crelgey

    Twelve whole months. Twelve whole months since I gave birth to our second/youngest/last child. And twelve whole months we’ve kept him alive, more importantly! Parenting is definitely based upon winging it. You can read all the books and websites, plus talk to all the professionals and other parents, but no one has a child like yours or your circumstances. It’s easy to lose yourself once you become a parent. Babies/children, even the most independent need due care and attention. It…

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  • How I Survive Being A Stay Home Mum.

    31st January 2019 crelgey

    Stay home mum. I never saw myself as a stay home mum. Not for any other reason than, I was just used to working. I enjoyed the jobs I’d been in over the years. I liked earning my own money. It felt right. However, situations change. So much so that I’ve had the pleasure of four years at home with my eldest and now I’m in the midst of three years, hopefully, with my youngest. I wouldn’t change it for…

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  • The realities of having a newborn. There are so many changes and new experiences to be had. Here's what I've come across.

    Having A Newborn Baby Some Realities.

    8th August 2018 crelgey

      A newborn baby. A bundle of joy. (amongst other words!) One of life’s miracles. Easily the only time you’ll properly experience love at first sight. The day your life turns upside down. There’s so many positive and wonderful ways to explain having a newborn baby. However, what’s sometimes overlooked is the actual reality. This can be due to many things, a bit like with Instagram/social media you could say, sometimes people only like to show you the good. When the…

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  • New Baby Shopping List.

    11th April 2018 crelgey

    This being my second pregnancy and feeling like we learned a lot from the first, in regards to purchases, I thought I’d share with you in this new baby shopping list post, what we’ve been buying for our new impending arrival and also why. First, a disclaimer: I’m by no means a mummy or parent blogger, neither do I profess to know it all. This post is written honestly regarding my own personal thoughts and opinion. I have not been…

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