• Having A C-Section Isn’t The Easy Way Out.

    21st June 2018 crelgey

    I’d grown tired of answering the same age-old question over my forty weeks of pregnancy. ‘So, why are you having a c-section?” Even on the day, answering the many repeated questions you get asked like,  ‘Are you allergic to any medication?” “What is your name and date of birth?” To name just a couple, there always came the million-dollar question:   ‘So why are you having a c-section?” After a few times of being asked, I had this conversation with…

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  • I might already have one chA good 5 years passed since I packed a hospital pack, so some research was required. Here's what I packed.

    Hospital Bag Packing.

    30th May 2018 crelgey

    Even though this is my second pregnancy and child, five years have passed and as much as I knew some necessities to pack, packing baby’s and my hospital bag wasn’t so much of a simple task.   You really cannot pack for your time in hospital.. Regardless of the books, leaflets, blog posts and other people’s input, you really cannot pack for your time in the hospital. As everyone’s experiences are different. (though if you wanted to and had the bags,…

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  • New Baby Shopping List.

    11th April 2018 crelgey

    This being my second pregnancy and feeling like we learned a lot from the first, in regards to purchases, I thought I’d share with you in this new baby shopping list post, what we’ve been buying for our new impending arrival and also why. First, a disclaimer: I’m by no means a mummy or parent blogger, neither do I profess to know it all. This post is written honestly regarding my own personal thoughts and opinion. I have not been…

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  • We’re At The Halfway Point.

    24th January 2018 crelgey

    I’m 20 weeks pregnant. I’ve been growing and carrying a mini human for 20 weeks. This is, the halfway point and I actually couldn’t be happier. It’s a pretty safe(er) point to be. All be it that things can still happen, but it’s a great point to get to and halfway is definitely better than the beginning. I wasn’t one that suffered from morning sickness or anything similar/worse, (my heart goes out to any that have/do) 40 weeks of mini-human…

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