• If I Could Shop Post-Pregnancy Wish List.

    14th February 2018 crelgey

    OK, so the title may be a tad misleading, as of course COULD shop, however, If you read a recent post I wrote on my pregnancy fashion woes, you’ll know that I love clothes and fashion – but I also refuse to buy into both whilst pregnant. But that’s not to say that I’m not continuously daily hourly online browsing… And I’m not lying when I say baskets and wish lists are filled. Though, I won’t be purchasing just yet. Not…

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  • New Year, New Wish List.

    25th January 2017 crelgey

    I just wanted to share some items that are in my New Year Wish List. It’s not a payday wish list, as I am not in no position to buy all of these items, but hopefully, I can pick up a few and put the lottery on. I know this is quite a materialistic thing to do, especially in that I’m trying to be more mindful and grateful for the non-materialistic/free things in life such as health, family and good…

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